Skyway Capital Markets Announces Promotions in Wholesaling Division

Skyway Capital Markets is pleased to announce promotions within its Wholesaling Division.

Paul Garvin has been promoted to Vice President of Business Development.  Prior to joining Skyway in 2019, Mr. Garvin worked for large REITs and an investment firm where he gained a strong understanding of the role investors play in the real estate marketplace.

James Teague has been promoted to Vice President supporting its capital raising activities. Prior to joining Skyway in 2019, Mr. Teague worked for REITs and a real estate tax consulting firm, gaining extensive experience on how to identify and optimize the best solutions for investors.

“James & Paul have done an outstanding job in supporting our Wholesaling platform and bring a wealth of knowledge to their respective roles.  They have been very valuable contributors to our overall growth and success,” said Skyway Senior Managing Director Mike Freeman.

Skyway Capital Markets is a trusted and experienced managing broker-dealer with decades of success across multiple industries.  Our seasoned professionals facilitate the entire broker dealer process from initial due-diligence through to distribution, utilizing a robust platform of sponsors. For more information visit: