Frank McPartland

Senior Advisor

Mr. McPartland brings more than 45 years of management experience in the financial services industry to Skyway. In his new role as Senior Advisor, Frank works directly with Skyway’s senior management team, the Capital Markets Committee, and the Independent Broker Dealer channel to identify and help to create  opportunities  to grow the firm’s business.

Throughout Mr. McPartland’s career he has been involved in start-ups, M & A’s, IPOs, reverse mergers, as well as providing guidance on strategic alliances. Mr. McPartland served for two years as an advisor to senior management of a $10 billion NYSE listed company looking to enter the securities processing arena with several of the largest Wall Street firms.

Mr. McPartland served on both public and private company boards for over 40 years for companies in the securities industry, technology services and internet advertising.

Frank spent many years at Invest Financial, the first bank program to provide brokerage services in bank lobbies since the enactment of Glass-Steagall Act in 1933. His first role at Invest was as advisor to the CEO. He was then appointed to manage all Invest operations and technology platforms that served 1,600 brokers in 800 locations. From his early successes, Frank was then tapped to manage the retail brokerage program for Chemical Bank, which through his efforts became the largest revenue producing bank program in the Invest network.

Early in his career, Frank was a pioneer in the independent fully disclosed clearing firm industry. When he was Executive Vice President of a NYSE member firm, Frank developed a new NYSE member firm that became the first independent fully disclosed clearing firm with an unbundled pricing methodology for clearing services that is still used today in firms such as Pershing, National Financial, RBC Clearing and Custody Services and many others. This clearing model allowed for the growth of Independent broker dealers to grow their revenue in both the discount and full- service businesses. The clearing model he envisioned has grown into an industry generating around $5 billion in annual revenues, serving thousands of independent Broker Dealers.


Mr. McPartland has served in multiple roles as President, CEO, and Chief Operating Officer in several FINRA member retail broker dealers and clearing firms over the course of his career.

Tel: (813) 252-1324; (727) 560-4214 (cell)