Skyway Announces $100M Series A Raise for Insurtech Slide

Skyway is pleased to announce an upsized $100 million Series A financing on behalf of client Slide, a new insurance technology startup (insurtech) headquartered in Tampa, FL. Skyway Capital Markets served as the exclusive placement agent to Slide for this transaction.

Slide is a full-stack homeowners insurtech company that leverages a dataset in excess of $2.7 trillion to power new advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning for modern homeowners, who can create bespoke insurance policies that fit their needs and budget.

Skyway Senior Managing Director Roger Overby commented, “Slide was an exciting placement for us. The Slide vision, along with Bruce’s previous successes and track record coupled with the intellectual resources behind the company, position it to become a significant player in the insurtech sector.”

Regarding Skyway’s role in the raise Founder & CEO Bruce Lucas remarked, “Skyway Capital Markets exceeded my expectations for Slide’s Series A capital raise. The over-subscribed and upsized raise puts us in a strong position to accelerate the development of our data-driven technology and operations.”

About Slide: Slide is a full-stack insurtech that makes it easy for modern consumers to choose the right coverage for their unique needs and budgets. Slide’s cutting-edge technology leverages artificial intelligence and Big Data to hyper-personalize, optimize, and streamline every part of the insurance process. Slide will make its debut in the homeowners and commercial residential insurance marketplace in 2022. To learn more, visit