Referral Partners

Reinforce your position as their reliable advisor.

Wealth Managers

As a seasoned wealth manager, you’ve earned your clients trust.  Offering resources and guidance to clients and prospects about possible transactional opportunities, secures a stronger position for you to control the liquid assets.

Skyway Capital Markets works with you to better understand the process and help you stay close to your client before, during and after the transaction. 


As an attorney, getting ahead of an imminent transaction allows you to better serve your client — so they never make an uninformed decision — and it reinforces your role and reputation as a trusted advisor.

There’s a lot to lose if your business owner client is thinking about a sale. You’re in a unique position to address challenges up front, so that when a buyer shows up, your client understands the value of his company, and is in the best position to achieve that value — thanks, largely, to you.

Commercial Bankers

Give yourself an edge by staying on top of your client’s personal goals, industry news and their company’s status. Engage in the idea of liquidity and valuation multiples and you’ll have better odds of having a seat at the table before, during and after the M&A process.

Skyway Capital Markets supports you in your role as an essential advisor and guide during the biggest transaction of your client’s life, you can maintain your role as an essential advisor.

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